About us

The Swiss Malayalee Association (SMA) was formed as a non-profit, non-political organization of the Indian community in their cultural, social, and educational development. Since the inception of the Association, it has been conducting various activities involving public awareness and cultural development that are added advantages for the descendants living in Switzerland. It is important that we make our second, third and subsequent generation young people realize the unique status and significance of a secular organization like the Swiss Malayalee Association always views any other similar organization with a fraternal attitude.
The Association promoting the need of brotherly hood and friendship among all people, but particularly among those people and their descendants from the Southern Indian State known as Kerala, formerly known as Travancore, Cochin and Malabar. The people from this area are commonly called the “Malayalees” and their language is Malayalam. A specific but not exclusive purpose shall be to inculcate in its membership, particularly those members born in Switzerland an aware of their identity, its heritage and language; to stimulate their intellectual interest in the literature and culture of the Malayalam people.
At time to time various committees have taken the initiative to guide this Association to reach new heights. Despite the changes, one constant remains – the co-operation, dedication and vision that keep SMA alive and well. We intend to foster this strength to provide the valuable support for people in Switzerland and abroad alike.